Office workers generate 4 million tons of paper each year. If all were recycled, it would save 68 million trees and untold gallons of precious water.

Wandering River Recycling becomes part of Balcones Resources

Acquisition allows Balcones Resources to offer customized services for small business and events

AUSTIN - October 4, 2012 - Balcones Resources today announced the acquisition of Wandering River Recycling based in Austin, Texas. This cart-based service has focused on the small business and events community in and around Austin since 2008.

"Adding the expertise of Wandering River to the Balcones Resources family allows us to be the most complete recycling provider in the market," said Kerry Getter, CEO of Balcones Resources. "When we built our new facility (opened this month) we positioned ourselves to handle all recyclables from both residential and business streams. Now we have a solution for the small business owner or property manager of multi-family residences in Austin affected by the new Universal Recycling Ordinance. It also gives us a solution for special events that need 'one time' recycling services such as weddings, festivals or corporate parties."

Balcones Resources is the largest recycler in the Southwest not affiliated with a landfill. This strategic acquisition allows the company to customize services for the small business owner and event planners who want to do their part.

"I started Wandering River Recycling to fill a void in Austin's single-stream recycling services. There were options for large business and buildings, but what would the small business or event planner do if they wanted to recycle?," shared Bob McGivney, founder of Wandering River and new Director of Small Business Sustainability for Balcones Resources. "I built the Wandering River brand on personalized service. We started with a few friends' businesses that we picked up with my truck, and before we knew it, the service really took off! As another Austin-born business, Balcones Resources offered the innovation and infrastructure we needed to grow the service, but the company also shared our core values of customized, personal service and sustainability."   

About Balcones Resources

Balcones Resources is the largest independent recycler and provider of comprehensive environmental services in the Southwest. With locations in Austin, Dallas and Little Rock, the firm offers a wide range of customized environmental services, ranging from recycling expertise and SingleCycleTM recycling programs to alternative energy solutions, document destruction, equipment sales and leasing, and non-traditional recycled products.

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