Office workers generate 4 million tons of paper each year. If all were recycled, it would save 68 million trees and untold gallons of precious water.


Balcones Resources patented Fuel Technology process creates sustainable sustainable alternative energy from materials like waxed cardboard or label matrix. Our process begins by salvaging these materials from the landfill and then transforming them into an alternative fuel suitable for a number of applications. The goal of our fuel cube process is to extend the life and add an additional use to materials which are not recyclable.

Step by Step Process

  1. Material arrives via trucks or roll-off boxes.
  2. Material is floor sorted to check for contaminants.
  3. Material is then mixed into a recipe.
  4. Next, it is pushed on the conveyor which moves it to a shredder.
  5. Once it is shredded, the material is then transferred to a metering bin for further mixing.
  6. After mixing, the material is run by a magnet to remove any metal.
  7. Once the material is free of metal it is moved to the cuber where it is compressed into 1" x 2" cubes.
  8. After it is cubed, the material is conveyed to semi trailers for delivery to our customers where they'll be used as a replacement fuel for coal or wood.


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