Recycling a ton of mixed paper saves the energy equivalent of 185 gallons of gasoline, or 4200 kwh of electricity.

Single-Stream Recycling Solutions for Dallas-Fort Worth Businesses

From corporate giants to small offices, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex boasts numerous businesses that value efficiency, innovation and the opportunity to reduce costs. That's why our advanced Dallas recycling facility fits right in, offering commercial, single-stream recycling services designed to protect budgets along with the environment.

Centrally located in Farmers Branch with easy access to the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, this fully-enclosed materials-recovery facility processes approximately 60,000 tons of mixed materials. Talk about efficient: You throw all of your recyclables into a single bin. We sort them out. The result is maximized participation in your commercial recycling program.

Materials recycled:

  • Plastics
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Aluminum and tin

Dallas-Fort Worth Commercial Recycling Services

Our Dallas recycling facility offers a wide variety of services to businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that want to save reusable resources while reducing costs. Our mutually beneficial partnerships are built on the ease of our single-stream capability as well as the flexibility to customize a wide range of economically friendly commercial recycling programs across a host of industries. Simpler, yet more effective. It just makes good business sense.

Recycling services:

  • Office recycling
  • Commercial recycling
  • Multi-tenant recycling
  • Manufacturing recycling
  • Electronic recycling collection

Take a look at how our single-stream process is changing Dallas-Fort Worth recycling.

Recycling Equipment

Based on our Dallas-Fort Worth customers' individual recycling needs, we provide, install, maintain and service the best equipment for commercial recycling. Whether it's a recycling dumpster for one of the many Class A office buildings we service in Dallas, or a compactor for a multi-tenant building in Fort Worth, we have the products, expertise and resources needed to maximize single-stream recycling efforts of every level.

Commercial recycling equipment serviced:

  • Dumpsters (Front-end loader)
  • Compactors
  • Balers
  • Trailers

Find out more about our Dallas-Fort Worth commercial recycling solutions.

Request a Commercial Recycling Audit - Contact Balcones Resources in Dallas

Our Dallas recycling facility specializes in providing commercial, single-stream resource recovery solutions to Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex businesses located within a 100-mile radius of the facility. Whether you're interested in adding commercial recycling to your business process for the first time or improving your current recycling efforts, request a free resource audit. We'll guide you the rest of the way.

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