Plastics make up more than 12% of our trash.


What are fuel cubes?
Balcones Fuel Technology fuel cubes are a blended mixture of combustible materials. These materials are shredded and then extruded through dies under extreme pressures to form small cubes approximately 1" x 2" in length.
What are the chemical and physical characteristics of your fuel cubes?
The predominant materials in Balcones fuel mix are cellulose fiber and polypropylene plastic.
What type of furnace configurations can burn your fuel cubes?
Balcones fuel cubes have been successfully burned in several different furnace configurations, including rotary kiln, gasifier and traveling-grate stoker-spreader boilers.
Are there any mechanical or environmental problems associated with burning Balcones fuel cubes?
Balcones has performed extensive research and testing in the development of its fuel technology. We have not found any operational or mechanical problems. In addition, no pollution abatement process upsets or excursions above regulatory permit levels were observed during fuel cube usage.
What is the average heat of combustion?
12,400 to 13,500 BTU per pound
Do you accept new sources of raw feedstock for the manufacturing of your fuel cubes?
Yes, however all new materials must go through rigorous testing to confirm their compatibility. We cannot accept any materials that will substantially lower the BTU values or change the desired handling, burn or environmental characteristics of our existing fuel.
How are fuel cubes shipped?
Shipping depends on the end user. We can ship by truck or rail. There are no special requirements.


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