Recycling a ton of mixed paper saves 7000 gallons of water over processing virgin resources.

Engineered for Energy

Balcones Resources Fuel Technology was created to help achieve our goal of zero waste. Our fuel technology plant located in Little Rock, Arkansas, takes items that cannot be traditionally recycled, diverts them from the landfill, and transforms them into alternative energy. Our patented process takes these waste items and converts them into fuel cubes. Fuel cubes are used as an alternative energy source in facilities that would traditionally use coal in their boilers or need a quality wood fuel replacement.

Our alternative energy plant is a landfill alternative which extends the life of disposable items and gives companies a boost to their diversion rates. 

Balcones Resources pushes sustainability to the next level as we continue to look for creative solutions for zero waste. Is your material a candidate for our fuel technology process? Contact us today for more information.


Balcones fuel cubes are an alternative, cost-effective energy which produces high BTU levels while burning cleaner than coal or wood.

These small cubes pack a punch. Measuring only 1'' x 2", their unique composition of clean manufacturing by-products offer the following advantages: 
  • Substantially higher BTU values when compared to conventional fuels, such as wood
  • Consistent moisture levels, BTU values, purity and quality
  • Competitive prices with wood fuel on a cost-per-BTU basis
  • Stable pricing, regardless of an unstable market
  • Reduced transportation and handling costs
  • Compatibility with most fuel feed systems
  • An economical and practical alternative to landfilling clean manufacturing by-products

Our fuel cubes are made from 60% non-chlorinated petroleum derivatives and 40% cellulosic fibers from wood pulp. The average range of BTUs per pound is 12,400 to 13,500.


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