Simply More Resourceful™
Balcones Resources is a comprehensive environmental services company. We specialize in recovering resources through traditional recycling, document destruction and alternative energy. Balcones is not associated with a landfill, which makes us experts in diverting recyclable materials away from your trash bin and into our recycling program.

Since 1994, Balcones has created customized recycling programs for hundreds of businesses in the Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth and Little Rock metropolitan areas. Each customer has its own set of challenges and goals. We're here to help you maximize the effectiveness of your recycling, including helping you with office recycling for LEED® certification.

Working with Balcones Resources is a partnership. We offer janitorial training, employee awareness events, marketing materials and reporting, all geared toward increasing your recycling efforts. Your participation is rewarded through generous rebates and decreased landfill costs.

Not sure where to start? Request a resource audit, and we'll guide you the rest of way.